Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm trying to remember to be happy despite just finding out that I lost $33 and won't get it back. Sigh... I bought a voucher for ice-skating tickets for two at the new Brisbane Winter Festival.
Unfortunately nobody (husband, mum, dad) wanted me to go because they all thought it was too dangerous for a 5month pregnant woman... grrr. So, I said my sister could have them if she bought them from me. Well.. there were lots of problems with the redemption codes and I couldn't figure out how to redeem them from the Winter Festival website.. and I was sick all last week and it wasn't on the top of my to do list. Then I find out today as I'm trying to redeem them that you had to do so before the 20th. 2 days ago! and they won't do anything for me.. won't even give me a refund. It's absolutely absurd. I know it's only $33... but that goes a long way in our household. sigh.... guess it serves me right.. trying to plan a fun dangerous date. :(

In other news... I'm really happy with my most recent purchase. Beautiful shiny stainless steel cookware that was on sale at Myer. I love it! This was exactly me the day I brought it home.. washed and polished it :)

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  1. I won't take NO REFUND for an answer!!! perseverance = redeemed tickets! yay me!