Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A little about Gemma

Our Gemma is very clever :) She has learnt a lot in her first year. I can not believe that it will be her 1st Birthday on Friday. The time has flown by. I also can't believe that in 3 months she will no longer be an only child but will be big Sister to her little Brother. I think she will make a great big Sister. I wanted to record some milestones, funny, cute things that she does so I don't forget.

2 months  - smiled, talked, laughed
3 months - eat toes
4 months - says mama dada yaya
5 months - start to sit with help
6 months - sitting, touching everything, headbanging, dancing, clicking tongue
7 months - feed herself rice puffs & other finger foods, talking lots - mama dada baba gaga, drinking from cup, blowing raspberries
8 months - baby led weaning, starting to move forward on bottom, clap hands & point
9-10 months - crawling (scooting on bottom) climb stairs, recognize songs, animals, dancing 
11 months - folds arms for prayer when put in highchair, give kisses & cuddles, pulls self up on furniture
12 months - will make noise & actions to the words dog, monkey & elephant :) LOVES books & can point to correct picture when we say the word, enjoys playing outside, splashing in water, feeding herself yogurt, takes two naps a day and sleeps from 7pm til 5.30am. only breastfed in the morning, loves spaghetti, blueberries, smoothies & almond milk, moves along furniture with ease, can stand unassisted for a few seconds, loves to chase and be chased around the house & likes to check the mailbox. starting to throw tiny tantrums if she doesn't get her way (grits teeth, shakes head & bites her hand!) also loves trips on the bus & to the park and watching, playing with other children.

I love you so very much Gemma it is difficult to articulate (especially without tearing up), but it's like my heart is filled to bursting, it is so overwhelming and consuming and I would & will do everything that I possibly can to protect & care for you and make you feel loved for the rest of your life. You bring me so much happiness, joy that I would never know without you. You are such a sweet little girl and there is only one of you so I feel very, very blessed that you were sent to me. I love you unconditionally and without end & can't imagine life without you. I love you Gemma Kay! & Happy First Birthday! - love Mummy xo