Friday, April 12, 2013

Here's Henry! & other stuff :)

Wow, I'm terrible at keeping this blog current. Months have passed and all I can say is I had another baby and life is great with two! :) Seriously, I am so blessed. Henry's birth was awesome! I went into labour at about 3.30am on the 31st of Dec 2012, raced to the hospital with Mum & Marsh and 30-40mins later, which seemed to go super fast, & one big long push - He popped out! So my total labour time was less than 3 hours. I was back home by 11am :) Henry was 6lbs 14, so a little bigger than Gem and I had to get a couple of stitches, ouch! but I was SO proud of myself for doing it all with only gas to take the edge off the contractions. Giving birth is an incredible experience. I look forward to doing it again. 
Henry Michael Hoozer is almost 4 months already! Time flies with two! He is SUCH a perfect baby. I thought Gemma was a perfect baby, she was, but I think Henry is just as good if not an even better sleeper, more placid & he is super happy and talkative. I LOVE his smile, his big blue eyes and his little laugh. He has grown so fast & is already outgrowing all his tiny baby clothes, he has doubled his weight and grown 7cm in length since birth. He is such a pleasant, sweet little guy. There is a lot of time when he just has to hang out on his playmat while I play with Gemma and he is so happy to hang out there for ages without getting cranky. I love having a baby again who will fall asleep on me :) he smells so good & his skin is so soft! ah, I just love him!

Gemma is also growing fast (18mths now), I wish time would stand still sometimes so I could have this time with them at this age for longer. I absolutely LOVE her & she loves her Mama! :) I get lots of hugs, cuddles & kisses every day. She is such a sweet loving, empathetic little girl. Whenever she hears Henry, or another child crying she stops, pulls a sad face, says 'oh no!' and is so concerned about whoever it is who is upset. She showers Henry in kisses too and is so sweet to him. She loves to hold and cuddle him. Gem loves to help me in the kitchen, I can't be in there without her wanting to help mix, cut, cook, knead, do whatever I am doing. She also likes to empty the dishwasher with me :) Her favourite shows are Playschool, Giggle & Hoot & the Wiggles, we are going to see the Wiggles Live this month :) She loves to go for walks to the park, play in water, swim, play with sand, pet dogs, be outside, run, dance, sing, play, read books. This girl loves to read books & I can tell all the reading aloud has really made an impression on her. She can say a LOT of words & clearly too. No baby talk. She is stringing together 2, 3 & sometimes 4 words now. We can communicate with her very well.
I'm so impressed with her understanding and she surprises me with new words almost daily. We have been doing some sight words - showing her words on cards and repeating them, then she learns them and can read them. She has been doing great! I've barely shown her the words and she remembers them so well. We also went on a trip to the Temple last week and told her a little about it, pointed out the Angel Moroni etc.. later that week we were watching a church dvd and a temple came on screen and she pointed and said 'temple!' - she knew! :) she is picking things up so quickly. She is quite well behaved, hardly throws tantrums unless she is super overtired & even then she's not that bad. She experiences a bit of separation anxiety when I try to leave her in Nursery, but we've only just started going so hopefully she'll adjust and settle into it. She loves spending time with her Grandparents & Aunts & Uncle Cody :) She loves her Mama most I think & she will call for me all through the day to be by her side with almost everything she does. As soon as I am out of sight, it's 'Mama? Mama?! Mama!'


I do get tired, I do get worn out. I do need a break from time to time. Mothering is hard work. It is utterly exhausting at times. Sometimes I just need 5 minutes of silence on my bed. Or a shower alone. Or to wear something nice that doesn't have throw up or dribble or food smeared on it. I have been really bad about making time for fun for myself this year and I need to rectify that immediately so I don't have a meltdown. I have hubby & two babies relying on me and I can only be my best self for them and help them if I am sane, happy & fulfilled myself. So I need to start making some more time for me. 

At the end of the day I have two super, cute, healthy babies who I love more than words can say. I have a loving Husband and Father for my babies. I am surrounded by helpful family & friends. I have the Gospel & I am blessed daily. I love my Saviour. Life is good.