Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10 things I love about Gemma.

Gemma is 15 weeks old today :) Time sure does fly and she has grown so much in such a short amount of time. I absolutely LOVE that I get to spend my days at home with Gemma, she is such a good baby & becoming more FUN every day! She is full of smiles & giggles & is developing into such a lovely little girl (a mumma's girl too). I want to keep a record of some of the things she does that make me so happy :)

1. I love looking into her cot in the morning & seeing her whole face light up when she notices me :)    She smiles real big & starts kicking her little legs!
2. She is such an energetic little kicker! On her play mat & in the bath or swimming pool, she gets this real serious face, clenches her fists & then kicks super fast & hard - it's pretty funny to watch :)
3. I love her little laugh :) I love making her laugh :)
4. I love how when I am just about to feed her she starts breathing really fast through her nose, like she can't wait a second longer!
5. I love how she goes to bed at 7pm and doesn't wake up til 4am & then goes back to sleep until 7.30am
6. I love how she coo's & baby talks to me & her Daddy (and squeals!) especially first thing in the morning
7. I love all her little facial expressions, she is a very expressive little baby
8. For the moment, I really love how much she relies on me :) I love that she sometimes gets sad and pouts & cries if Mummy isn't holding her & how sometimes I am the only one who can console her, it makes me feel needed
9. I love how she always has to be holding onto my shirt/necklace or hand in my top when she is feeding
10. I love that she will take a bottle really easily from just about anyone, real handy when having a wisdom tooth pulled!

I love every moment of every day I get to spend with her & there is not room enough to record every special moment I share with her. I love her so much & I'm pretty sure she loves me :) We're best buds.