Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I feel horrible.

I need to vent.

4 days with a cold/flu of some sort and it is killing me. It is worse than the first 4 months of nausea. I am miserable.
I threw up every last bit of my oatmeal and toast on tuesday morning.. haven't been able to taste food since Monday.. blocked sinus, aching neck, shoulders, back and FACE.. my face aches so much around my nose, cheeks, teeth.. I have an ulcer on my tongue that really stings.. I had really sore glands and throat which was replaced by an even sorer throat and now a cough that really, really hurts! and I feel even more like throwing up today. yet, here I am at work.

Did I mention I feel miserable?

Upside - I have a GREAT husband who does all he can to make me feel better. I would probably be much worse if it weren't for him. Thanks hubby xoxo :)

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