Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby expo...

Mum, Marshall and I attended the giant baby expo on the weekend -free tickets! woohoo! It was extremely busy. There was a lot to see, a lot of info. We had a good time gathering freebies & information. I think it was pretty beneficial. We still have a few things left to do to be prepared for when baby girl arrives in 14 weeks! We need a pram & a carseat. We'll have to apply for paid parental leave and family tax benefits. We haven't even begun to setup a nursery for bub since we are still at Nanna's. Marshall starts his JOB on the 4th of July! We will be celebrating that night for sure. We'll be getting a car soon and probably be moving out... so lots of changes in the very near future, feeling excited and a bit nervous. Feeling good & hopeful though. Feel so happy sometimes I don't know how I could possibly feel any happier but it happens... life grows sweeter each day, and I feel very blessed :)

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