Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nesting... 66 days to go!

This was me at 5.30am this morning, plus a huge baby bump. Okay, I didn't do any sewing or ironing, but I did sweep & vacuum & mop & wash & hang & tidy.

I have officially hit my "nesting" stage. Though it doesn't kick in after hours... when I get home from work all I want to do is rest. I thought I could work full time right through to 36 weeks. HA! That was a looney thought! I'm approaching 31 weeks and it has become very tough to take myself to work each day. The 45min bus rides to and from are making me sick again, my back and ribs KILL me all day long and I'm just plain old tired. I would be much more productive and feel a whole lot better at home, so starting the 23rd of August (week 32) I will be taking Tuesday's & Thursday's off. Yay! That will be nice.. I can't wait.

A very kind dear person allowed me to borrow her bassinet that will fit nicely in our room until we move somewhere else.. the cot is currently in the garage. I am looking forward to washing baby clothes and putting in drawers all neatly folded. I'm kinda sad that she won't have her own room yet and our room is so crowded with furniture but I know all that won't matter once she arrives. We still need to get a capsule and install it in the car, have yet to buy a pram or baby carrier, oh and I still need a nappy bag. I will pack a bag for the hospital in the next couple of weeks too. Marshall and I are going to meet with my midwife next week to chat about ... labour. eeek.

I'm very much looking forward to our last getaway together before baby arrives. We're headed up the Sunshine Coast to stay at a resort on Golden Beach :) Sounds lovely huh? ... king bed, double spa bath, buffet breakfast each morning.. can't wait! and 2 nights! Marshall and I have never been away together for longer than 1 night. This will be a treat :) and we may even go to Australia Zoo!

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