Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ups & downs...

Well.. yesterday was not a good day for me. I went to work without breakfast, I was late, I had to stand on the bus to and from work.. etc etc.. oh but we won the State of Origin and I made a really good peach & mixed berry crumble for dessert so I guess it wasn't all that bad :)

Today, started out better. Marshall and I had scrambled eggs and juiced oranges, pineapple & apples for breakfast. But then I was late to work & forgot my lunch and was feeling nauseous again from about 9 to 11.30am. Really nauseous. Fortunately enough, my good work mate had made and brought some yummy food to work and was more than happy to share with Dad & I. After some tasty spiced basmati rice with chicken & vegies I was feeling much better, well enough to go to the gym :) I did lots of butt exercises. I haven't put on any weight yet and I am 5 months pregnant in a couple of days. However, because I was out of action for so long I didn't keep up my cardio or weights so... things start to .. sag. for lack of a better word. umm. how about... become less toned/tight :) Then I went to lincraft and bought some scrap fabric to start on a cute little craft project :) I will post all about it later. Time to enjoy my low-carb yummy chocolate caramel protein shake!!

Oh and the title of this post... I almost forgot. (pregnancy brain - I will post about later)... but, I'm thankful for the downs because they make the UPS so much better. :)

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