Thursday, May 5, 2011

time goes by...

so... I've missed quite a bit.. almost 6 months without a post. I'm not going to bother with trying to catch up... all our Christmas 2010, New years, holidays, Australia Day, Valentines day, beach etc.. photos are on facebook.
I will however, post my 'pregnancy journal' that I've been keeping as a draft email and a photo of my 16 week belly. :) taken on easter camp at Elanda Point - Lake Cootharaba..
My pregnancy journal so far:

First Trimester.

Having to work full time is not fun. I just want to lay in bed all day long. I want to eat pasta & crepes & muffins & chips and drink soda. I don't want to go to the gym. Not like me at all...

Nausea kicked in early this week.. it was horrible and lasted all day long.... today isn't as bad surprisingly. No idea why, but I'm grateful.

Really tired though, all day long... hate the bus ride to and from work. Hate thinking about what to eat, what to cook for dinner...

Need sleeeeep.

WEEK 8. 

mon 7th march - vomited for the first time today. at least i only brought up water. not my sultana bran.

still feeling really tired and sick in the stomach. just want to lay in bed all day long.... hate deciding what to eat and standing up cooking.... ugh.

i feel bad bc marshall is couped up all day everyday and when fri night, saturday come around all i want to do is SLEEP! and he wants to go out.. poor guy. hopefully i get my energy back in the second trimester. haven't thrown up today which is good. the worst part of the day is the bus ride home.. 40mins.. i hate it!

been looking at baby stuff online... can't wait to start buying stuff.. there is such cute stuff around! :)

trying to eat healthy, get my nutrients, vitamins and minerals. baby is sucking the life out of me. i can't believe i don't go to the gym anymore! i haven't exercised in a week!

marshall has been really good, he does all the washing up, washes & hangs out and puts away clothes, sweeps & mops and makes the bed. gives me lots of cuddles and kisses. he's very sweet and more and more selfless each day. i hope he gets a job soon though, he deserves it and we need it, i'd like to live on our own when baby arrives.

spoke with dad today and we decided that i will work from home on tuesdays for the next 4 weeks til this first trimester is over. i need some extra rest bc i am exhausted all day and night.

haven't eaten any nuts for over a week, they make me feel sick.

Monday - apparently my body likes throwing up on Monday mornings. got off the bus and walked very fast to the nearest public bathroom in the myer centre, went in the disabled bathroom and dry-heaved over the sink a few times. nothing came up - i hadn't eaten or drunk anything yet.

sipping on some juice now.

Tuesday - had the day off, worked from home. tired most of the day but had a yummy mexican lunch with Esther & Liam and then went kerbside collecting...

Wednesday - back to work. got off the bus and felt queezy... nothing like throwing up on your way to work in front of everybody in the street in a dirty bin. lucky there was a nice lady nearby who stopped to see if i was okay and gave me a tissue to wipe my mouth. how thoughtful :)

barely able to function, had to lie down for 45mins at 11am in dad's office. still sleepy now.. kinda hungry but dont feel like the cabbage soup that i brought for lunch.......

WEEK 10.

well i've missed a bit. this week was quite eventful.. at least on tuesday. I stayed home and threw up 5 times!! pretty much every time I drank something I brought it back up. it was awful and i felt weak and sick all day long. back to work on wed & thurs and i'm feeling ... so so. no more throwing up since but still feel quite sick and tired. even got off the bus at southbank this morning bc i felt like chucking and didn't think i'd make it all the way in to work. i didn't vomit though.. but have felt like it multiple times today. its such an awful feeling i can't wait to be rid of. HOPEFULLY it doesn't last my whole pregnancy!!!

I'm REALLY upset today. I'm TIRED of being SICK and TIRED everyday. I want to be in our own place. I'm tired of working full time this job i don't like. I'm sick of how expensive everything is and not having a car!  over it.
WEEK 11.

bad bad week. depressed... bc we live with nanna, dont have a car, marshall doesn't have a job yet - keeps getting rejected, i'm sick and tired all the time.. etc etc... can't sleep.. not a good week..


April fools day. - finally shared the news with FB. and threw up today which was really gross.. a pineapple mango ice crush smoothie and some muesli. ... raining outside. wish i were in bed.

WEEK 12.

good week ;) except for fainting on the bus on Monday. but I was okay and able to have a day off! :)


We went to our first ultrasound today :) It was very exciting! There is a real live baby inside me!! It has a head and a cute little nose and tummy and 2 legs and 2 arms and a little bottom and heartbeat and everything! it was very cute :) we were both so amazed, especially at how active it was, moving around a lot! In 7 more weeks we can find out the sex, i'm sure we will be happy either way, we just want a healthy baby, and so far so good :)

WEEK 13.

not a great last few days... lots of stress ... but hopefully things will improve. feeling surprisingly good today.. almost normal. it feels so good i'm wondering if it will last.. lovely weather.. not so tired or nauseous... just a little. i HOPE i'm going to feel better and stay this way!!!

WEEK 14.

still nauseous. have a tiny tiny pot belly now. had a nice weekend.. took marshall to daisy hill forest, the koala centre, brisbane botanic gardens... it was a lovely day. really a good weekend. marshall has been really loving and affectionate, it's been lovely. i'm really hoping i start feeling better.. i am soooo tired of being sick. i just want to feel normal again and be able to cook and eat like normal.

really really tired of being sick.

WEEK 15.

well, i forgot to write about hearing baby's heartbeat. I wasn't having a very good day and I had a meeting with my midwife Karen. turns out, she is wonderful! and pregnant too, due a month later than I. hearing baby's heartbeat made my day.

I haven't been taking my prenatal vitamins... they are sooo difficult to take. but i will try again today. i started taking liquid iron today, it doesn't taste too bad. i just want to feel better and have more energy and NOT FEEL NAUSEOUS!

marshall still hasn't had a job offer.. i'm not worried yet. it's just disappointing now, for both of us. especially since the teaching thing hasn't worked out. anyway... back to work after a 5 day weekend.. easter holiday and anzac day. i can tell i'm going to be really tired this afternoon. lucky dinner is already half cooked.

well, i hadn't thrown up in a while.. then last night after getting off the bus i threw up several times before making my way home. felt awful! really over it!!

WEEK 16.

started the day with a bowl of cereal.. then i was hungry again by the time i made it into the city so.. a bacon & egg mcmuffin meal :) hopefully going to go to the gym today for the first time in months!! 
I went to the gym! did some light weights and some cycling. very tired.. and my calves killed the next day.
Have felt surprisingly good.. or perhaps just better than usual the last 2 days.. the nausea hasn't been so strong. I have been really tired though. I have been eating really well the past day or so and I feel good. drinking plenty of water, eating vegetables, lots of greens. taking my vitamins, spirulina and fish oil..
have had a good couple of weeks actually, despite the nausea and fatigue, I've felt quite happy. my marriage grows sweeter every day and i feel so grateful to be with someone so wonderful. i can't wait to raise this baby together, it will be an adventure. I love the glorious, sunny but cool weather, i love my family and friends and i love the Gospel! have everything i need and more.
yoga today :)


  1. You're awesome Talz! I feel like crying now that I realise just HOW sick you've been. And I HATE throwing up, so realising how much you've thrown up, made me want to cry more!!!

    You're a soldier!

  2. yep, I hate it too! it's the worst feeling.. can't breathe.. stings your throat. yuck.
    thanks, I try not to complain about it too much.. but man some days it just feels like it's been forever since i've felt normal and not sick. glad it's not worse than it is and that baby is doing well so far.

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  4. its really horrible to see all the times you've vomited posted in this hats off to you lady. you are hardcore...i can't even remember the last time i threw up and id love to keep it that way. unfortunately, ive seen many a youtube video of dads changing diapers and they often end with dad chucking...sigh. my times a' comin'... (sorry a typo in the previous comment)

  5. :( I hate that you have been so sick:( I absolutely love the pic with you showing off your little belly! so cute! Thank you for inviting me to read. Hope you start to have easier days, and I cannot wait to know if yall are having a boy or a girl!

  6. So good that you've kept a journal!! I hope it's cleared/is clearing by now??? xoxox