Tuesday, January 4, 2011

8 months later...Goals for 2011

I was successful in completing almost every one of my 2010 goals... I think all except the sewing one. I did complete a couple of small sewing projects.. a bag, an apron.. a skirt.
However, on with this years goals! which are many... some spiritual some temporal.. but here are the ones I will share...

- start a vegie garden
- read a book a month
- learn something new each month (whether it be about science, health, parenting, gardening etc)
- do a triathlon (a short one)
- save/build a 3 month financial reserve
- monthly service project
- work on personal family history and take family names to the temple
- complete the YW personal progress values & goals
- go to the temple at least twice a month
- go on a weekend getaway for our third wedding anniversary (first one spent together)
- sell our land
- visit Texas for Christmas
- contribute to a happy and fulfilling marriage


  1. Well, by selling your land, you will achieve saving a 3 month financial reserve... Haha..

    Sound like good goals!

  2. oh tristy...the land is about the only way we can go to Texas or anywhere else on vacation for that matter...the financial reserve we have to build 'the hard way' and by asking for donations from our rich cousins with ac. ;)
    whatya say cousin, spare some change?