Friday, May 21, 2010

WELCOME MUM!... and secret someone...

It's been a while... I've been busy trying to get work done (with a super duper slow remote connection..ragh!) amongst getting the apartment ready for my mum's arrival today, washing loads of laundry, grocery planning & shopping, getting the oil changed on the car & getting it inspected, painting things, cleaning, organizing, cooking..etc.. how can I be so busy? I don't even have children yet...don't want to think about it!
It's been non-stop! Here are a couple of the projects I was working on, they were fun although last minute and a little rushed. 

Two shelves a friend let me borrow, I painted and put up all by myself :) need to add some books to them..

Wooden coffee table I spray painted this nice leafy green colour to match the flowerpot & also a framed picture in the dining area. I chose thyme, mint & a white flower to put in the pot but need to pot them properly today. I'm taking those fake flowers in the big vase back to Walmart and just going to use some foliage from outside.

Last night we had a nice meal I suppose because it's our last alone for the next 3 weeks.
We had roast sweet potato with a garlic, ginger & honey marinade, juicy green beans topped with crispy salty pancetta pieces and a deliciously seasoned chicken breast topped with a pesto sauce & parmegianno-reggiano cheese. Very tasty! oh and I also made up a refreshing lemon, ginger, honey & mint cooler.

I wish I had photo's of the fried nutella filled pastries I made the other night on a whim.. they were to die for! dusted with powdered sugar.. yum! I will be posting a couple of recipes soon that a friend requested. One is for a mushroom & thyme risotto and the other is for a cool & sweet strawberry salad with sugared almonds and a lemon poppy seed dressing. I bet there is going to be lots of yummy cooking going on with my Mum in town..

oh and I think I may be getting another secret visitor or two... :)

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  1. the apartment looks lovely. have a wonderful visit with your mum and visitors!