Thursday, October 17, 2013

6 months later!

So, I don't even care that I've not posted on here in the last six months because I've just been WAY too busy enjoying my children and life :) I decided I am not ever going to be one of those 'mummy bloggers'/ everyday or even every week bloggers... nope. I'll just get around to it when I can and try and catch up :)

so where to start...

- Gem had her 2nd Birthday! She is growing so fast! She is so smart and surprises me with everything She is learning so quickly. She started speaking early and She speaks very well for Her age & is VERY talkative! :) She was potty trained a week before her 2nd Birthday! woohoo!!! so excited to only have Her in a nappy overnight now. She caught on very quickly and is pretty proud of Herself, as are we, that She can go in the toilet now. On Her birthday we said goodbye to the dummy.. and she has done so well without it. I don't think She even cried for it, maybe just the first night. She has really taken to the 'I'm a big girl' thing and being the big sister and not a baby anymore so She understands why She doesn't need a dummy anymore. It took Her a little longer to get to sleep during Her day naps but now She has adjusted and goes to sleep fine. She has started swimming lessons and loves to 'rocket dive' to me :) She still loves going to the park, reading lots and lots of books & doing craft & building cubby houses & playing outside. She has started to pretend play a lot more now, She LOVES playing shopkeeper :) and using Her little cash register to price check all Her play food :) it's very cute. She is so adorable. I just love Her so much! She is so so sweet! So loving & affectionate. Every morning as Daddy is leaving for work she insists and reminds Daddy that He give her a hug and a kiss and sometimes two of each! :) oh and He has to hug & kiss Mummy & Henry too :) She is helpful and well mannered and intelligent and just everything sweet and girly and fun, funny! especially Her dance moves haha... must get them from Her Dad.
- Henry, almost 10 months! crazy... He is SO active! non stop mover. climber. pulls up and holds on to things and walks, he just wants to get up and run after His Sister. He loves to play with electronics, powerboards and plugs and cords etc. He has a couple of teeth now and I am SO happy He is finally sleeping through the night and feeding Himself. The first year is certainly tough. I was very sleep deprived for a while there and slightly insane. All better now :) He babbles and says Mama.. but not much else. He is starting to recognize the names of things though like drink and bird and Gemma and other simple commonly used words. He likes to do His own thing, crawl around everywhere and get into everything within reach. He loves His Mumma :) and is the most cuddly boy ever! Gemma was nowhere near as cuddly as He is. He loves to just bury His head under my neck or lay right on top of my chest and pinch at my neck or play with my hair and just snuggle and sleep. When He gets up in the morning at about 5am.. I can bring Him into our bed and He will happily snuggle me til 7am.. unfortunately Gemma won't let any of us sleep in past 5.30am! I just love having a cuddly baby, I love His snuggles, He is very sweet and still such a happy, giggly little boy :) I feel so blessed to have two such wonderful babies.
- Marsh & I... we're good :) I love Him so. We've been trying to figure out .. life.. and what to do with it in regards to living, working, career for Marshall etc... it's a work in progress but it's definitely progressing and there are various opportunities/options and we just want to choose the best one. Marsh is really, really busy these days. He is up way early like 4am and has been doing crossfit for a few months now and loving it. I love that He loves it! It's been great for Him. He is also on the Bishopric at church and that is very full on busy too. He is out a lot but it's all for good and so I'm happy and our family is blessed. Our relationship is better, I mean in my opinion it gets better each year and I am so SO glad to be married to someone so wonderful and.. well, He makes me a better woman & mother than I would be without Him. He is irreplaceable.
- I just had another wisdom tooth taken out, I'm pretty tired most of the time, but I'm also happy I would say all of the time these days.. I just get burnt out and run down every now and then and sick quite often which is annoying because I've pretty much given up on exercising since I just get sick every couple of weeks and then can't exercise. Still eating well though and am plenty active just taking care of and playing with the kids and walking everywhere. I've been thinking about when to try for the next baby... soon.. just not sure how soon.
- that's about it I guess.. life is good. I hope we get to go to Texas before too long... before the next baby actually. Until next time.....

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