Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Torpedo poop!

Last night Daddy was changing Gemma's poopy diaper. He had just cleaned her little bot bot when all of a sudden, it was like someone had squeezed a tube of mustard and poop shot out all over the change mat & a little on the floor. Daddy was able to move out of the line of projectile poop just in time! Mummy was in hysterics laughing :) If ONLY we had a camera going because then Daddy got a fresh diaper, cleaned her up all over again... but not before ANOTHER torpedo poop shot out, this time soiling her nice white muslin wrap, change mat & clothes. Mummy nearly wet herself laughing! Poor Daddy was in shock & disbelief. It was then we decided to give her a bath :) and she loves baths now. Afterward, Mummy dressed her... just in case. :)

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