Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dreaming of baby...

There are only 80 days left til baby Hoozer is due to make her way into this world. Sometimes it makes me quite nervous thinking about it. Not just the thought of labour but the afterward... Will I be a good Mum? Will I be able to cope with not being able to protect her from everything in this nasty world? Will she love me and her Daddy? What choice spirit has Heavenly Father sent to dwell in this little body inside of me? Will she be cute? What talents and abilities will she have? Will she be obedient or a little rebellious? Will she be outgoing or shy or active or docile? Will she be a good eater and sleeper? Then there are scarier thoughts... but I just hope she is a strong and healthy little baby. I don't feel quite prepared at home, our place is sooo cluttered and full of furniture. We are basically all ready to move out but haven't yet... Don't want to move too far away from the hospital til after she's born. I would have really liked to have a nursery set up but that isn't likely to happen now with only 10 weeks left to prepare, I'm not doing anything the last 2 weeks prior except resting & relaxing. So with 2 months left... we still need a capsule, a pram, a nappy bag... and probably other things I've forgotten or not thought of, hopefully I'll get these at my baby shower :) I think I'll start washing all the baby clothes soon, that will be fun.

And now some photos of baby things I like... baby clothes, toys, nursery's etc... so cute!

and I'm in love with these felt hairbands


  1. :) cute baby stuff! is your shower soon? I need to mail your package, I keep forgetting to send it off... Ill do it tomorrow! i just wrote it on my todo list so it will happen!

  2. Love all this stuff! So excited for you and Marshall. Having a baby is like the ultimate Christmas morning- you really never know what you are going to get and what they will become! I really treasure those first few days after I have my babies to just bask in the new little soul we brought into the world..