Thursday, February 25, 2010

The beginning...

13 Goals for 2010

1. Wean myself off foods high in refined sugar
2. Try hard not to feel jealous/envious of others and be more grateful for my many blessings
3. Read/study the scriptures and pray daily
4. Avoid R rated movies and disgraceful television shows
5. Listen to music that uplifts my soul, is edifying not degrading nor grim
6. Read a good book each month
7. Start & keep a blog/journal
8. Try not to criticize myself or others harshly, unfavourably. To not condemn, blame or find fault.
9. Teach myself to sew
10. Love my husband more
11. Exercise daily, even if it's just a 30min walk
12. A daily act of service or kind gesture, kind words or compliment to someone
13. Smile more :)

There are many more goals I have for myself for the short and long term however I choose to list these things that I can work on daily that I feel will help me live a happier, more spiritual and healthy life and also help me to feel more cheerful, grateful and full of love. 

More to come as I slowly become familiar with the world of blogging. 

 <3 Tahlia.

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